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Traveling to Central Asia


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this page. Not because I had nothing to share, but quite the opposite actually.

I just haven’t felt the need or desire to share anything on social media, especially as all of this exposure was getting overwhelming to some extent, especially to an introvert like me. I’ve been trying to stay as mindful as possible with my family and friends, finishing my meditation and art courses, working on my book (finally), and learning new skills for my website.

It’s such a trap trying to stay relevant in the social media universe. Suck you right in and negatively harms your ego, something I’ve been working on diminishing as well. While it is great to share your trips and inspire others to see the world, traveling should be a time for relaxing, exploring and spending moments with people you that you love. Having conversations and learning from those you meet along the way with different cultures and customs. Allowing yourself to find that time to relax in stillness and read a book, meditate, do yoga or challenge yourself with a bungee, skydive or mountain trek. When you travel alone, you allow yourself to reconnect with our self so there is a lot to be said about disconnecting from the world through social media and trying to learn more about yourself than others.

Try making new friends in person as opposed to collecting them on social media feeds and realize the enrichment that others can bring to your lives through the art of conversation and shared experiences. I’ve personally met many people who only care about people liking their photos or getting new followers.

Anyways, I have finally decided to embark on a long journey to Central Asia (currently in Uzbekistan), a place where I’ve wanted to go for quite a while now, mainly because of the Sufism influence there and the mountains.

I will be posting every now and then about my trip, and things you might find useful if you decide to head there, not because I’m trying to keep this page alive. I’ve tried learning a bit of Russian in hopes that it will help me interact with the locals more, and hopefully pick up more on the way.

Sending love and peace to all of you xx

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