Samarkand, Uzbekistan

I just got into Samarkand today, and the architecture is breathtaking and everything I expected, if not more. Registan Square is one of the reasons why I decided to come to Uzbekistan in the first place, along with the Sufi culture here which I’m fascinated by.

At that time, it was the largest scientific-educational establishment in Samarkand. Here students were taught philosophy, astronomy, mathematics, theology. Along with the madrassah, caravanserai and hanaqa of Ulughbek were constructed as well. Two centuries later, they would build two other madrassahs on the place of the vendors’ shelter and hanaqa, and they would complete the architectural ensemble that we can all see today.

In the past, one could see many trade rows around the square, where artisans and farmers were selling their goods. Now it’s full of souvenir shops and carpet/scarves shops. I really want to buy one of these teapot sets they have, but I’m a bit worried about how I’ll take it home.

It’s also really hot, as in beyond hot even for an Egyptian like me who loves the sun. There’s also a really important music festival happening and the president of the country is coming today.

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